Monday, January 28, 2013

What else is happening at Casa Collins

Over the holidays, I did have a bit much Coke Zero. I know, poison, right. Starting in January, I had zero zero. Cory was still chugging it down. Then, a week or so ago, he read something that made him want to put it down. YaY. 
I strayed that one day with about half a diet pepsi, but am really off the juice. 
Our southern roots have everyone loving sweet tea. I have tried on and off over the years to cut that out. Never worked totally. I bought some agave necter and made their tea with that. Everyone loves it the same as sugar. It wasn't really very much either.

So, liquid choices here for the family are water and milk. Sweet tea on the weekend or Sunday dinner. I have some unsweet almond milk if needed and this is what I give to Christian. He is pretty much off the wheat and dairy. Except, he does manage to get some of these when he helps himself or I'm not here and someone just pours his milk. 

Tonight for the fam, I have made black beans and brown rice from Wards. (that's the local grocery for you out of towners). 

I think I am just planning to have some protein and some lettuce, because really, I'm tired and just am ready to go to bed. Last night, I went to sleep at 8:30pm and then was raring to go at 4am. I napped until 5 and got up and got going.

Peace be with you and your family this week.       

What I've been doing

If she can do it, I can try. Awesome picture.
Thursday we weighed in with Dan, got some measurements, took horrid pictures, and had our first physiograph. It was fun. Dan gave us lots of information. We had a great time chatting with each other.
Later, we met at Publix for a store tour given by Dan. It was very educational. Lots of good stuff. Lots of bad stuff in there too. If you stay to the outside walls of the store, you will be good. No isles.
I cooked a few things for the family. Mostly, I don't follow receipes. Just have trouble with it. I will like glance at one, then just either 1) just wing it or 2) wing it with what I have on hand. Really nothing too fancy. One day was homemade roast that I have made for years. Just toss the lean beef, carrots, onions and red potatoes in and heat the stove up to about 450 for ten minutes, then down to 250, then 200. It's ready when the potatoes cut like butter. This time I added mushrooms and then also noticed there were only about 10 baby carrots in the fridge. Hmm, where did those go? This is my plate. Right now, I'm not really eating potatoes and I had just finished that long walk, so I helped myself to extra protein.
My other big cooked meal was baked chicken with leeks, and depending on who you were, green beans or asparagus. 
It was very last minute. Seasoning was sea salt, pepper, garlic. Same for the roast. Both, I just added a little water to the pot for no sticking. We are off the no stick sprays, and even olive oil for me. I have that cool pump sprayer and sometimes use it for hubby's food. 

The beans/asparagus do look kinda sad. But when you have no artificial stuff going on, they are so very tasty. I don't think they even got water because I like to make them kinda crispy. 


The Beginning

This was shared with all of the girls by one of the previous BWL contestants. The day she sent it to us, I printed out a copy and put it right next to the toilet in my bathroom. Certainly will see it there.
This is going to be hard on me. I want to be successful. I plan to be successful.

Friday, I went into the gym for a workout. Saturday, I did a GroupFit class .
Then, I took myself to swim. 
 400 wu
50 kick no fins x6 10 sec rest
50 easy
50 pull paddles x3 10 sec rest
50 easy
50 swim fins x12
3 on 1:20 3 on 1:15 3 on1:10 3 on 1:05
50 easy
200 choice .my choice was 25 fly drill, back. Breast drillx2. Repeat (100)

Rachel counted 1850 yards.

Sunday, while my boys were getting their God on at Sunday school - Thank you Theresa Jean Collins, I did my first really long walk. 11 miles and it took my 3 hours and 20 minutes. Poop, I was tired. 
A little later, I had an opportunity to do another shorter walk with a friend, probably 20 minutes or so.

All food, all good, all the time. Eating really good so far. Probably due to that early cray cray behavior.    

Brings us up to today. Another hour of Groupfit early this am. A trip to Ward's to score the day old basket goods. Then, back to the pool for 1.5 hour swim. I think it was another 1800 yards. Only so much time, I had to eat again and pick up my darling Christian.
Strolled to school to get him, another 30 minute walk there. We had a friend drop us at the front of the hood, because he has walked home, but it takes over an hour and lots of stops and lots and lots of patience on Mommy's part. I am going to have him work up a little more. The walk home still took 20 minutes. Christian's plan gets it's own post. He told me I could share his training plan with everyone as well.  

90/10 rule

Normally, if you do the right thing 90% of the time, your body will respond to those 90% efforts. Thursday was my 10%. I think we were told on Thursday it was 80/20%. For the challenge, we are working on 100%.

So, back to Thursday. I didn't do so well on that first day. Many things were astray. My schedule seemed messed up. I have been doing so great and lost a lot of weight, my muscles hurt every single day for one reason or another.

The short of it is, I managed to eat just over 4000 calories in one day. Really in about 3 hours. It was a sort of getting it out of my system thing. I thought I wanted this super fat food, it made me sick while I was eating it, so sick,  and of course later as well. I had to take insulin, which I have been off of for the past month totally. In the past, I would have just laid on the couch and become a vegetable for the afternoon. I forced myself to walk, ever so slowly, and walked just over three miles. No barf, even though it would have been welcome. 

Guess what? Wasn't really worth it. Over the holidays, when I did have a slip it was like something small, or a serving of something. This was all out insanity. And, it's over. I'm moving forward.

Friday, January 25, 2013

And, so it begins...

Long time, no post, I know. Our computers have been occupied all week whenever I had time to post. I don't have my own, just share with everyone else.

Things have been good, bad and crazy. I made my first goal weight a day later than planned. I think it was last Sunday. Then, yesterday, I was a lb more than I had planned, but have really come a long way from the start. The official number as of today is -28 since September and -38 since June. Now, I'm just gonna keep going and start from yesterday. Day 1 of the challenge. All the work before was great, but the challenge starts now. 
Day 1 - 0 lbs lost. :-)

Tuesday was a good day at swimming.  Busted for not leading the lane. I was being nice. Got moved to swim with the fast kids and had to put on my big girl panties. Then, Coach Karen proceeded to kick my ass. Hardest swim i've ever done. By the time, I got home, I had to fall on the bed.

  Wednesday, I decided to treat myself a bit and relax. I didn't get up to train at 5:05am.  Had my first sports massage, got my hair ready for pictures, shaved my legs for measures on Thursday. Had some delicious broiled lobster tails with Cory at home, where they had no added crap. Then, I went to a beginner GroupFit class at the park. I got a super great ab workout that I can still feel today. Friday.

Thursday was crazy day. I had planned my regular workouts, but just before bed, the past girls told us DTM says not to workout before the physiograph, and to not overdo the water. I have been drinking a gallon + of water a day. 

Ok, not done here, but gotta go take care of kids. More post later.  

Friday, January 18, 2013


The scale has been bobbing. I have a goal to reach by Saturday. Another goal to reach by next Thursday at the first weigh in. I had a pizza dinner one day, I think it is catching me. Everyday is a challenge. Mostly, I can fight it, ignore it, walk it away. 
Yesterday, things seemed a bit blue after my publix scale weigh in with myself. I have stayed the course after the discretion. We've had a challenging vehicle week. 
Today, I had a bit of inspiration from a wonderful person, that probably doesn't know just how much he means to us. I appreciate so much from him. I am blessed to have him in our lives. Huge blessings.  

Below is today's message that I feel like I should share:

Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Galatians 6:4. Each one of us have been made unique. We all have been given different gifts. Some of us have been blessed with the hands of a surgeon, others, hands of a plumber or a teacher. Its our mandate to find out what is our strengths and the job of our hands and when we do, the Lord has said, "sink yourself into that" because when you do the most what you do best, you put a smile on God's face.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


OK Chick-a-dees. Your going down. Bring it. Let's get this thing going.

For real, I love you all and wish you the best of luck. I know we can all reach our goals and I am here for each of you. Together, we can do it. 

Swim Class

So, I had to find a new swim class. I'm not going to get very far by myself. I want to be able to swim 500 yards with no fins.  Somehow, someday I want to do a mini triathlon. I might be 90 years old, but that works. I heard that age group is a little easier ;-)

I was so nervous. Ugggh. I know I'm slow. I know I'm fin addicted. About this coach. Is he gonna be mean? Too hard? Everyone in the group gonna be like, geeez - why the old lady here swimming with us. While I take up their lane space. Oh, well. I was going to go and determined to eventually fit in.

Coach Albert was super cool. Nice, very positive. Good about everyone swimming at their own pace and working up. Sigh. Relief. I did it. Back to that post on stepping out of your comfort zone. I was nervous, I was feeling sick but I pushed through and went. Just showed up. Once you get past showing up and getting yourself there, it's all good. That's for any classes. 
Also, killer, was that I was not the oldest there. Slowest, yes. One of my friends shared a lane with me and only swam into me twice. You  know, because I was in the way while he was speeding along in the lane. 

I'm going again on Friday. How bout you come to. The more the merrier. Or splashier. 
And, hey, if you don't know what Master's swimming is, no worries, it's just any swimmer over 18 years old. 
HighTide/YMCA masters swimming 


Score for Christian

Monday was a bust. My car not running. We have the most awesome neighbors that have a wonderful van they have let me borrow for the week while the volvo is getting worked on. It is so cool they have this extra car just available and they were willing to share it with us. 
Tuesday I was able to go to my groupfit class Sweat Life GroupFit at 6am. Here's where I'm going to say "hey, how bout you come join me?" all fitness levels are welcome. kanapaha park. Class meets M,T,Th mornings at 6am. They also have evening classes. I'm the slow one in the class, but I'm there.

Swimming was so great. 10:30 class with drills and skills. I am so sad. I really love this class and Coach Karen. I am going to miss it so much. I was just really getting to know the other swimmers :-(   It was a great workout, I think I swam close to 1000 yards. Like overall in my hour, certainly not at one time. And, it was a huge class, so lots of fun being with other swimmers.

McDonald's and Christian. During my lazy time, I drive through McDonalds for a happy meal after school. For Christian, not me, I have been able to resist that stuff for a while. I make the choices for 95% of what he puts in his mouth. I have to do better. I have told him, we don't eat out anymore, we have discussed the big stomachs, getting healthy etc. He will still ask but seems ok, when I say, no we have food at home, I'll make you .....

Yesterday, I wanted to run by the mall to pick up a package, then it would be pickup time at pky, on and on with the driving. I was not prepared and was just going to break down and get him a happy meal. Happy - it would be killing him, but he would be Happy, right? At the last minute, I was able to pull it together and throw some healthy gluten free stuff in a bag for him. (I have him pretty much off gluten and dairy , just for health).

That was a huge hurdle. I have resisted since school has started back. I almost gave into myself. Small steps.Small steps each day.

And...about the mall trip. I got to go and chat with one of my girls, Amanda, that is going to be doing the challenge with me. So fun. She is super nice and I can't wait to start hanging out with her. She looks to be a tough cookie and a strong competitor. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The grilled artichokes and 3 CHICKEN lettuce tacos won! I didn't even need the cow meat. I did smell the cheesecake chocolate thing next to me.
The coffee was smelling the best, but at dinner, I wouldn't have been able to sleep. 
Even though I ordered my artichockes with no sauce, some kinda sauce came in a bowl on the side. I looked at it, thought about it, did not taste it and passed it down the table far, far away from me. I wanted to just taste it. But, if it was good, it would have been my downfall. 
Thanks Jamie for taking it away. Away. Away. And, for letting me sniff your food.  

It was a really fun dinner :-) YaY me. 

The next day, on the way home - oh yeah, after my car wouldn't start - we did stop at Cracker Barrel for lunch and I had a big cow. I mean beef. I think all that planning and thinking I would have the steak, well, I just had to have it. The waitress asked ever so sweetly, "would you like some A1 with that?" Well, heck ya, I would. But instead, I said, oh no thank you, I'm good. 

Some of my workout plans for the week are not going to workout, ha. My car is going to have to find a way to the shop. Not starting again. (the car)
This is life, so I better figure out something. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cheesecake Factory, Really?

I'm out of town with my TubaHero. I left Thursday after my BWLC into meeting. Had some veggies at the meeting, cup full of blueberries in the car. No food before bed. Doing awesome. 
Got up at 5am, went to look for a breakfast item for him to share with the group. I thought he would eat hotel breakfast, but they are doing in room sharing. The buffet is like $15. Saw Bruegger's Bagels, got a bakers dozen and cream cheese for them. Didn't touch it. Ate a banana. Went to workout in the gym, did stuff around the pool, jumprope, lunges, pushups,jumping jacks, a few weights, all my warmup stuff. Then, I went for a long walk and stopped in the lovely downtown Tampa area for stepping up on benches, jumping jacks, doing something like feet in, feet out, up and down stairs. Had some strawberries, a protein shake, more banana. Awesome. 
Had this huge pile of lettuce, with my regular stuff in it - asparagus, almonds, ok, a little fresh parm cheese, but pretty good.Water all day. 

Dinner plans for the celebration dinner for the kids was decided to be Cheesecake factory. Well, I'm trying to plan. Looking at the menu online. Feeling hungry. Thinking about calling someone. Several someones. Thinking about calling someone else and just getting him to tell me exactly what to order. I don't want to think about it, but I don't want to fail either. I'm all good and this is a test for me. 
So, I'm blogging.  

This is what I have come up with so far and totally willing to eat them all, if they keep me straight. What's silly is they have this menu called SkinnyLicious trademarked. And, well, it's not all that, some of it, you might as well eat big and fat.
Grilled artichokes.

SkinnyLicious® Grilled Artichoke

Served with Lemon-Garlic Aioli
Ok, I just googled that aioli thing and its fatty sauce, so perhaps hold the sauce, just grill 'um and serve 'um?

Lettuce wraps with mexican veggies. No crema, whatever that is. I thought it goes in your coffee. It's probably something like yummy cheese or sour cream stuff. Hopefully, the corn salsa won't have added sugar, if it's delicious it will.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap Tacos

Butter Lettuce Leaves Filled with Grilled Chicken and your Choice of:

Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Cilantro, Roasted Corn Salsa and Crema

And, beef. Please no more chicken right now, and I can't stomach another turkey burger, been cooking those at home and mine seems to lack flavor, but also fat ;-)

Petite Grilled Tenderloin of Beef

Our Petite Filet Mignon Served with Fresh Vegetables -

Perhaps these veggies could be grilled or plain, no delicious sauce, right? And, my water, no problem, loving the water. Maybe, since it is a celebration, I shall get a lemon or even, gasp, a lime. 

Normally, if at home, we wouldn't be going out and I would certainly skip it and stay home. Watch some more back espisodes of Biggest Loser. Think my way skinny. I mean healthy. 

Prayers, wish me luck, and all that. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for holding me accountable. Even if you don't know it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


First meeting tonight. 
Oh yeah, Oh yeah.
 I know I'm gonna need lots and lots of support.
So, Monday and Tuesday kicked my butt. Wednesday is a short day for Christian at school. Mmm, didn't know what to do.
I started out walking to just think about what I should do overall. Thinking I should try to run. Yuck. I should. Don't want to. It will hurt. 

I ended up trying to run a mile. It was that slow, hardly moving jog, and walking. Overall, I walked a total of 7 miles. Holy shit. My legs felt like they were going to fall off. When I was done, I couldn't walk at all, so I limped around the rest of the day. 
I rested and tried a hot/cold shower to keep my muscles from dying. 

I guess it all worked out. Went to bed by 9:30 because I really wanted to go to GroupFit class again this morning. I had to drop my all-state band Spencer off at 5:50am at his teacher's house, so I could make it. He's going to Tampa and I will be following tonight after our big meeting. I needed to work out because I'm leaving tonight and have plans to work out while I'm gone, but you never know. I want to, I plan to.

Tonight is the Big Weight Loss Challenge #3 initial group meeting. I think Dan and Nicole are going to lay down the law. We are going to hear all about how things are going to go. I can't wait. I am so ready for this challenge to get started. A bit nervous as well. Its going to be hard, hard work. I am so very happy though to have the other ladies to go through this with me. I really feel like the support of us all doing it together will help me a lot. 
It is definitely a blessing for me to have been chosen to participate. For so long, I have tried to lose weight and eat healthy always to just not do it. I hope to make a difference in myself and for my family. Especially Christian. He is always going to have to battle his weight, I want to figure out a way to teach him to understand how to do it, and how to make it fun and be something he always wants to do. 
His health history includes, among other things, heart surgery and leukemia. His extra chromosome provides him with a tendency toward being heavy and self control.  
Together, we are going to do it.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

GOALS at this time

There are so many reasons I want to be at a healthy weight. I want to feel better, have some energy to just walk around. Not be the always tired mom. My family is number one. I want my kids to feel better and have an active lifestyle. I can't teach them to be active and think outdoor stuff is fun, if I am never active.

A few of my goals:
1) A1C of 5 - diabetic number for blood sugars
2)Run a 5K
3)Be able to wear super cute mommy clothes
4)Be able to swim 500 yards with no fins
5)Teach my family how to stay healthy

One day when my last baby is grown and busy, I hope to be able to get back into working in fitness, helping others live a healthy lifestyle and especially how to train your kids from the beginning on good eating and exercise. I want it to just be a way of life, no big thing, just what we do and share that with others. 



I worked out. At 6:00am. Ouch. This was my second GroupFit class that started that early. I think I might be addicted to GF class. I love that everyone is there together doing the same thing and we get lots of positive encouragement. I am quite a bit slower than everyone else, but never has anyone been mean or not helpful. Several class members have been downright positive and cheer for me. So different from what I expected.

I don't so much love the running. I want to run, it's just way hard for me. One of my goals is to run a 5K, so I figure I should get moving that way.

Food's been good. Getting my protein in. You would think that was easy, except it is all lean protein, no junky stuff. I just choked down my eggs for dinner.

I walked JP to the bus stop. Since I wasn't here this am, we had a chance to catch up and I got a 20 minute walk. Little bits add up.

Today was my awesome Drills and Skills class with Coach K. I did a 300 yd warm-up and of course asked "with fins?". She's a dar-ling and said, "well, if you can do it without." Snap, I tried it and, boom, did it. Not very graceful. I have been out of the water a little with the holidays.
As much as I have watched kids swim and can pinpoint stroke infractions, I can't seem to make my body behave. My head won't stay still. I love that class and am going to miss it. My new Dan time will be at the same time, so I am going to have to figure out another time to swim. It won't be nearly as great as having the wonderful Coach K.

So, tomorrow, I have no classes. Boring. Gonna have to step it up myself. Not feeling very motivated right now. The plan will be to dress in my workout clothes and take Christian to school.