Thursday, December 27, 2012

Living in Florida

Living in Florida, we have had an abundance of opportunities for exercise. Over the past five years, I have tried all sorts of things. In the past year, I have totally exercised lots, but then my eating wasn't so good, or I thought it was good, but really not so much. 
June 2012, my weight was at 222 lbs. It's so hot. Taking my youngest son around has been exhausing. I decided to start eating better.

I did some clean eating for the most part over the summer and thought I would exercise in the fall when the kids went back to school. I just couldn't manage it. I always had something, something that needed to be done. I had taken up the hobbie of extreme couponing about two years ago and to really do that well, it takes 30-40 hours a week. Laundry, the list was endless. 

I watched April lose, lose, lose the past school year and was amazed and always wished I was going to work out, instead of whatever I thought I had to do. It was so awesome to see her.

I decided to go and see about this Sweatlife and Dan that she had been raving about for the last year.    

Back it up, back it up

Locked myself out of my past blog, so here's a brand new one to chronicle my road to health for myself and family. I'm gonna back it up a bit and give you some background.

I was active in school, swimming and playing softball.  1990 - Halfway through college, I got married and had a baby. I was 21 years old. Gained a lot of weight, short marriage, post-partum depression, gained more weight, divorced. 

1992 Began exercising and graduated from college with a B.S. Health Education, Exercise Science. I was really interested in corporate fitness and wellness.  Got married, lost some of the baby weight, started working full time. I worked as a Activity Therapist, so I was able to exercise some at work but became pregnant and had a baby with encephalopathy and was not able to live. Looking at why this had happened, the doctors did several tests, one of which was glucose to see if I might be diabetic. I was definitely diabetic and was started on oral medications, antidepressants, cholesterol medicine. The endocrinologist told me to lose weight and not get pregnant or I would have to take insulin. Yikkes, no needles.

Then, I had a baby girl November 1995.  Had to start on the insulin shots. Gained a ton of weight. Had this baby nursing until 1998. With this baby, I began my stay at home status.

1998 Had a baby boy, gained weight, nursed new baby until my next baby boy in 2000. This baby was only able to nurse until he was just over a year old. With this pregnancy, I began using an insulin pump.
Thanksgiving 2001, I had some company at our house and lots of stress, and fun. I had terrible headaches, had to go to the doctor and got started on blood pressure medicine.
At this point, I was on blood pressure medicine, antidepressants, cholesterol medicine. I had a total of 6 kids in the house and was 31 years old. And a husband that worked swing shift.

During this time, our family homeschooled and I cooked a lot. I also ran an organic co-op where we ordered bulk food and met the truck in a parking lot. We were also part of a produce co-op as we lived in a small town. There was a place 30 miles away that sold cases of things at a reduced price. We had a huge garden and with teenage boys to plow, we were able to put food up and freeze lots.
Life was good and always busy. I have always loved being a mom.

Our last little blessing came in 2004. His whole story is at

My highest weight during all of these times was 244. I remember thinking if it got to 245, I would try to have some weight loss surgery. I did lots of research in NC and was seriously thinking about it, but then I would always go back to, no, that really is dangerous and I can lose this weight. With all my health problems, I seemed to be a good candidate.

2008 We moved to Florida. I love Florida and will stay here forever. My weight was hovering around 230.